Bicester Blue Fins

Swimming Club (Est. 1950)

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The Swim Shop cupboard can be found at the far end of the balcony overlooking the Bicester pool.

We stock BBF hats, fins, kickboards, pullbuoys, goggles, kit bags, BBF poolside bags, BBF rucksacks, water bottles, locker coins.

Other kit such as BBF tops, tracksuits etc can be ordered at intervals throughout the year, if you wish to check when the next order will be happening please email Jo Falkner on [email protected]

Generally Jo Falkner or Jane Walker open the shop when their children are swimming.  If you want to check when they will next be there please email Jo on:

[email protected] - Jo Falkner

No kit is needed until a swimmer reaches Mini Fins 2 when they will need: fins, pullbuoy, kickboard and net bag.  Swimmers in Mini Fins 4 and 3 may wish to have their own kickboard but it is not necessary in these levels.  Any further advice, please ask Jo or any of the Coaches.