Bicester Blue Fins

Swimming Club (Est. 1950)

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Mini Fins Aims & Objectives
Swimmers will be working on Skill Development and the ability to hold skill under stress. The ability to do all stroke specific skills well, including starts & turns. All 50M events plus 100M Freestyle, Backstroke and IM with good stroke is a priority of this squad.

Accepted criteria for entry into squad

- Proven ability and commitment to following a training program and competitions.
- Entry in the annual Bicester Blue Fins Club Championships for all 100M events & any others outlined by the coaching team.
- A positive mind set
- 100% commitment to team events (Diddy League, County relays)
- A Team player – polite, supportive, caring and empathetic
- Consistently attending 85-100% of sessions
The coaching team shall consider cases that meet most of the criteria with the attitude of meeting it all. 

See Academy Timetable