Bicester Blue Fins

Swimming Club (Est. 1950)

SwimMark Club
Squad Aims & Objectives
To obtain Oxon & North Bucks County considered times. Swimmers will be targeting the Oxon & North Bucks County Championships other designated Target Meets. Swimmers should aim to reach the highest levels based on ability and commitment levels.

Accepted criteria for entry into squad 

- Proven ability and commitment to following a competitive training program (swimmers, with parental support)
- A positive mind set
- 100% commitment to team events (Diddy League, National League, County relays)  - Commitment to the targeted Open meets for the squad.
- A Team player – polite, supportive, caring and empathetic
- Consistently attending 85-100% of sessions
The coaching team shall consider cases that meet most of the criteria with the attitude of meeting it all. 
**The Head Coach reserves the right to move swimmers outside of the criteria/move dates due to exceptional circumstances**