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Bicester Blue Fins Registration

The process of registering with Bicester Blue Fins is simple and should not take very long.   Please email  Kate Iles [email protected] if you need help.

As well as joining Bicester Blue Fins, you will also be signing up to register as a member of our governing body, Swim England (formerly the ASA). This is necessary for insurance purposes and to enable entry to meets and galas in due course.  If you move clubs, you can take your Swim England membership with you.  

How to complete the on-line registration

Bicester Blue Fins uses Team Unify, which is a Swimming Club Management system used extensively in America, and increasingly in the UK.  Team Unify holds all the information on our swimmers and helps us to administer the club. (N.B. the system now uses UK date formats and £ signs, but you will still see a few American terms used, such as "Athlete's Cell Phone".  There is no need to enter SMS data - as we cannot use this in the UK yet)

To get started you will need to click on the buttons at the bottom of this page.  But please read these notes first to help you complete the on-line registration forms:

  1. Under Billing Information, the name should be the parent, or person, that is responsible for paying the membership charges. The members are the swimmers and all other Swim England registered members within the family such as volunteers, officials, coaches.
  2. Please enter as many details as possible, and ensure you complete all fields requested.
  3. Please enter any important medical information that a coach (or another person taking care of your child) needs to know, such as allergies, medicines and any other information you think they should be aware of. Please ensure you have also verbally communicated this important information.
  4. Please note that some of the questions are set by Swim England (e.g. Ethnic Origin, Dual Registration & Rank Club).  Answers to these questions are not compulsory and can usually be ignored if you do not understand or prefer to leave blank.  The main purposes of registration is to ensure we have the correct contact and medical details, and you are aware of key information, including our Codes of Conduct. 

You will receive an email to confirm registration.  You may wish to download the OnDeck App on your phone/tablet using the same username (email address) and password.  

Bicester Blue Fins is run by volunteers, and therefore there may be times that we do not immediately get back to you.  

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


Please consider volunteering......

We welcome all offers of help to run our club, and new volunteers are always made very welcome.  Whatever your skills, interests and availability there will be a role for you at Bicester Blue Fins! 

Whether you wish to get involved poolside perhaps with coaching, or looking after the team at galas, or training to be an official - or whether you can help us with fundraising or admin, or in any other way, then we would love to hear from you. 

If you are willing to help us in any way then please let us know.


Thank you for registering

Bicester Blue Fins Committee and Coaches