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Leena Lukha - Assistant Coach


Leena became a Blue Fins member in 2017 when her son joined Mini Fins, and after a year decided to take the plunge and join the coaching team.

Her own swim journey started when she was five years old when touring Europe with her family and a close family friend who was a Lifeguard. The friend took Leena swimming every day, literally throwing her in at the deep end! On return to the UK Leena began swimming lessons and was taught at a pool we all know (and love!) known then as Reg Maxwell but known today as Aquavale. In her youth, Leena represented her school swimming but pursued tennis as a competitive sport.

The call of the water beckoned Leena back and she trained as a Swim Teacher in 1997 with both courses conducted by her original swim teacher from when she was a child! Shortly after however, her career moved in a different direction taking Leena away from the pool once more.

Leena returned again to the poolside when her son joined Blue Fins. After a year it was evident that her time would be best spent supporting swimmers, and so she was delighted when Head Coach Craig Oliver invited her to join the Coaching team. Leena currently coaches Mini Fins and squads, and really enjoys seeing athletes smile whilst they learn. She always feels proud watching the team compete and loves witnessing all the hard work in training convert into fantastic swims and PB’s.

Today, Leena still swims at Aquavale several times a week for fitness and wellbeing. Outside of swimming Leena loves to travel and visit new places and experience new cultures and to date, she has visited 66 countries. From remote destinations like the Skeleton Coast in Namibia and scenic islands and archipelagos of the Indian and Pacific Ocean to bustling cities like Istanbul and Rio. Unsurprisingly her motto is “say yes to adventure that comes your way!”

Random Fact – Leena was once crowned ‘Thames Valley Water Skier of the year’.