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Training Tips



  • Bring your training equipment with you to ALL training sessions (i.e. kickboard, pullbuoy, fins, hand paddles, drinks bottle)
  • Check your training equipment is in good order before starting the session.
  • Visit the toilet before the start and arrive on the pool side in good time.
  • Pay attention to the coach/poolside helper when they are explaining what the focus is for each set.
  • Streamline properly at ALL starts and turns.
  • Practice correct turns on ALL training sets.
  • Practice correct finishes on ALL training sets.
  • Do not distract other swimmers from their training set
  • Always bring a drinks bottle onto the poolside but please resist the temptation to share drinks with others.

To be a successful competitive swimmer you must always be dedicated to your training. As you get older it becomes more important to train longer and more consistently.

Training is not just about developing the body but also the mind. Regular attendance and a good worth ethic during each session will help bring the confidence and self-belief needed for real success.