Chesham Swimming Club

SwimMark Club


This is the starter squad where swimmers transition from swimming lessons to swimming the four competittive strokes correctly, before moving into the development squads.

Development 1 & 2

Swimmers develop their skills and endurance through training with these squads, competing in club events and open meets. After swimming in the Development squads, swimmers move on to either the Competitive or Performance squads.

Competitive 1 & 2

Swimmers train in these squads to maintain their fitness and competitive strokes, and can choose whether to compete in club or external competitions depending on their personal objectives.

Performance 1 & 2

Swimmers in these squads train to qualify for County/Regional/National Championships. High performing swimmers will have the opportunity to train under our Performance Partnership with Wycombe District Swimming Club.



Masters is for adult swimmers, who want to develop and maintain competitive swimming strokes and fitness.



The typical pattern of progression is illustrated below. Some swimmers may enter at a level above Academy or skip a stage, depending on their age, strength and ability. Swimmers can migrate between the Competitive and Performance squads depending on their needs or objectives at different stage. All squad moves are determined by the club's coaches.



Updated July 2023