SwimMark Club

Answers to frequent questions about competitive swimming and TSC:

1. How much does it cost?

Clubs operate all year round so a monthly fee is dependent upon the number of sessions your child attends.

There is also a yearly membership fee of £85 which pays for each swimmer's insurance and mandatory membership to the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association). Also included in the annual fee is entry to the TSC Club Champs, Awards Night, Medals & Trophies, and our end of season Fun Day in July.

As a general guide it works out at about £6.00/hour of pool time, so much cheaper than a learn-to-swim programme.


2. Where does the club train?

Most of TSC's training sessions take place at Crosfields School swimming pool (RG2 9BL). The pool was officially opened in 2013 and it really is a fabulous facility in which to train. It is the home of Tilehurst Swimming Club.


3. Will my child have to swim a certain number of sessions per week?

No. Tilehurst differs from other clubs and allows you to choose the sessions you would like and only pay for what you do. There is a minimum number of 2 session per week.


4. The thought of early morning swimming scares me. Does my child have to swim in the morning?

No. Tilehurst only runs two early morning sessions and these are primarily for the older children and only if they wish.


5. My child is not keen to compete but loves their swimming. Can they still join?

Yes. Tilehurst was set up to instill a love for the sport of swimming in as many young people as possible. Please read the ethos of the club here


6. My child wants to compete, but I am afraid Tilehurst will not be challenging enough.

Tilehurst has many competitive swimmers and provides a multi-stroke training programme. However, it does not encourage young swimmers to overtrain. It is proven that with less pressure swimmers stay motivated and continue the sport into teenage years and through to university. Tilehurst enters several swimmers into the County Championships each year in age groups ranging from 11 to 18+ years old.  Presently we also have a number swimmers who compete at Regional and National levels.


7. Who runs the club?

The club is run by a committee of parent volunteers. There is a huge amount of administration within any club, and our volunteers work tirelessly. The coaching team is managed by our Head Coach.


8. I have little experience of competitive swimming but would like to support my child. How can I do that?

Firstly, trust the coaches. They are all very experienced and they welcome your support.

Secondly, be brave and join the committee! There are many roles from social activities; website expertise; technical support, or simply smiling at new swimmers when they arrive. We are all working together to make this the best swimming experience for YOUR CHILD and would love you to join us.

More Questions?  Please contact us here  and someone will get back to you within 48 hours!