Otters News 16

Last Saturday saw a number of Otters representing their Independent Schools in the IAPS Finals at the Aquatic Centre, London.  Congratulations on a great day of swimming.


Libby Button, Zara Holligan, Victoria Daley and Arabella Durkin - 4th Medley Relay, 6th Freestyle Relay

Christian Sayers, Shanil Vora, Johnny Marais and Tom Shuttle - 10th Medley Relay

Noah Wheeler - 3rd Freestyle Relay, 4th Medley Relay

Ellie Martin - 2nd Medley Relay, 3rd Freestyle Relay

Ethan Horne - 13th Freestyle Relay


  • Ellie year 8 50BREAST - 2nd
  • Victoria year 6 25FLY - 3rd
  • Luke Barker year 8 25FLY - 6th
  • Libby year 6 50BACK - 8th
  • Harry Gibb year 7 50BACK - 8th
  • Ethan Richards-Knight year 5 25BACK - 8th
  • Shanil year 8 50BREAST - 13th
  • Zara year 6 50BREAST - 20th

Also a belated well done to Madeleine Rae who came 40th in the 50BACK 11/12years at the South East Regional Championships.

The Committee