CHALFONT Otters have just returned from their first ever warm-weather swimming camp in Cyprus.

The club took 23 swimmers between nine and 19, but while the surroundings might have been relaxing it was certainly no holiday.

Training in a 50m pool used by Team GB in the past, the Otters did two two-hour sessions per day as well as open water swimming in the Mediterranean in a bid to increase stamina and technique.

Head coach Kelvin Jones said: “I was so pleased with the success of the club’s first warm weather training camp.

“I enjoyed seeing swimmers not only get the benefits from a solid week of long course training, but also seeing how they interact away from the pool.

“This greater knowledge of their personalities will help me provide more specific sets and challenges for them to achieve in the future. I can’t wait for the next camp.”

The club is now planning for a 2013 training camp in Swansea.