Who are we?
CMKSC Masters is a friendly swimming club for adults. Its membership covers a wide range of abilities from the casual swimmer to the more competitive swimmer. Most of our members joined because they either swum in past, or were swimming at local public sessions. A "Masters Swimmer" is just a swimmer in the age range 25 to 80+, but the club also caters for younger adults above the age of 18.

There is more information about Masters swimming at :-


Bletchley Training

CMK Masters Swim Team has a session at Bletchley Leisure Centre on Thursdays from 21.00 to 22.00. Rob & JR alternate taking the Thursday session, and the cost is £5, please pay the coach, (if you have correct change that would be helpful, and Make sure it is noted on the register that you have paid.) As we have hired 2 lanes (usually have lanes 3 & 4) just tell reception you are from CMK Masters and they should let you through the doors to the changing village, where there are lockers which take a refundable £1 coin. We will start at the far (deep) end, away from the changing village end (quite shallow).

Bletchley Leisure Centre
Princes Way,
Milton Keynes,
Phone 01908 37725

What equipment do I need?
If you have a kick board, pull buoys & flippers bring them along as you may need them. At Stantonbury there is a small stock on poolside or in the area by the baby pool if you don’t have your own. Please collect and return them yourself.

Who do I contact?

What standard do I need to be?
Each lane has a different standard of swimmer depending on fitness etc.  The training distance swum in an hour session ranges from 1500m (60 lengths) in an hour to 3000m (120 lengths)

How much does it cost?
No long term commitment is required.  Swimmers can pay £5 per session and this is payable at reception.  This is reduced if you become a club member

Do I have to compete?
Not if you don’t want to, however, if you want to join in we compete at Inter Club Galas, Open meets and Regional and National Masters Championships