Land training & Zooms - P Squads

Dear Swimmers and Parents

We have been maintaining zoom land training for a while post-lockdown and I feel now is the time for us to move on. 

Swimmers in P2b and Ag squads still need to have the Tuesdsay post-pool sessions on Zoom to allow Hannah to hold team meetings and cover important pre and post pool land techniques. We will continue to review this session however the Saturday AM is now removed.

Swimmers in P1a, P1b, P1e will now have pre pool and post pool training on deck at sessions there will be no zooms. At the moment we have a lot of meets and exams coming up. After this period I am looking at solutions that fit us going forward. With dwindling attendance and therefore supervision it is noticeable that swimmers land training focus and technique is not as good. Therefore swimmers should no longer refer to land training programs that have been circulated in the past. Swimmers who wish to maintain a separate land training program immediately should discuss the options with Greg. 

A significant strength maintenance program will be done on deck; Swimmers should bring a band to sessions now.