Dorking Swimming Club

Squad Annual Per Month
(for late joiners)
Minnows £324 £27
Shrimps £324 £27
Seals £420 £35
Penguins £600 £50
Sharks £600 £50
Junior 1 £660 £55
Junior 2 £756 £63
Competitive Development £816 £68
Intermediate Lite £576 £48
Intermediate £912 £76
Excel £912 £76
Performance £960 £80
Student £72 £6
Masters 1 £324 £27
Masters 2 £576 £48


Swim England Membership fees (formerly ASA)

Swim England is the national governing body for swimming in England and Dorking Swimming Club is a registered club. People become a club member of Swim England through an English Club. They do not apply themselves. Dorking SCs Registration Officer uses the Swim England Online Membership System (OMS) to register members. Swim England membership is an essential requirement for all club swimmers and provides members with insurance cover for all club activities. There are three categories of membership:

Category Train (1) membership is for all non-competing swimmers and will be a one-off payment of £15.85 for 2022.

Category Compete (2) membership is for swimmers who wish to compete at any level and will be a one-off payment of £35.65 in 2022.

Category Support (3) membership is for anyone involved in a club who isn’t covered by categories 1 and 2, such as volunteers, coaches and teachers. Dorking Swimming Club will cover the cost of our Category 3 members.

New members will be asked to pay their Swim England membership fees when joining Dorking Swimming Club and annual renewals will be billed through Team Unify at the beginning of January each year.

Family Discounts

£30 off each for each additional (child) swimmer regardless of squad they are in but excluding Students. So a family of three swimmers would receive a £60 discount from their total fees. To claim this, please reduce your monthly payment instruction by £2.50 for your second and each additional child.

Method of Payment

We require payment by 12 equal monthly standing order payments. Once set up, the standing order will not need to be changed until you / your child changes squad.

Membership Contacts

Contact our membership secretary for information and to request a trial.

Membership Secretary

Jill Russell 

[email protected]

For Minnows, Shrimps, Penguins, Junior 1, Junior 2, Competitive Development, Intermediate, Intermediate Lite, Excel, Performance

Masters Membership Secretary

Jill Russell

[email protected]

For Student and Masters