Dorking Swimming Club

The squad membership fees for January 2023 to December 2023 are shown below:

Squad  Annual Fee (£) Monthly Fee (£)
Minnows  348.00 29.00
Shrimps  348.00 29.00
Seals  450.00 37.50
Penguins  648.00 54.00
PreSquad  648.00 54.00
Junior Development  708.00 59.00
Junior & Junior Performance  876.00 73.00
Age Group & Age Group Performance  984.00 82.00
Senior Squad  960.00 80.00
Senior Lite Squad  618.00 51.50
Senior Performance  1032.00 86.00
Masters 1  348.00 29.00
Masters 2  618.00 51.50
Student  78.00 6.50

Minnows, Shrimps, Seals & Penguins, are termly, their fees are split over the year and paid monthly.  

Swim England Membership (ASA) 2023

Swim England Categories  Fee Payable 
Category Train (1) £16.00
Category Compete (2) £37.50


Club Train membership is for swimmers who train with a club and wish to compete in Club Championships (Level 4) whilst Club Compete membership is for swimmers who wish to compete at any level (Level 4 upwards). We suggest that members in Minnows, Shrimps, Seals, Penguins, Pre-Squad and Junior Development (If your swimmer is turning 8 or under during the next year) take Club Train membership and
members in Junior Development (if you swimmer is 9 and over or is turning 9 during 2023), Junior Performance, Age Group Performance, Senior squads, and Senior Performance take Club Compete membership.

For Masters squads we suggest a default of Club Train unless you would like to swim competitively and prefer Club Compete.


Family Discount: Each second and subsequent child is eligible for an annual family discount of £30. To claim this discount, please reduce your monthly payment instruction by £2.50 per month for your second and every subsequent child.

Membership Secretary

Jill Russell 

[email protected]

For all groups and squads, please email for further details and request a trial.