Dorking Swimming Club

Please see the Fees page for current membership options and club fees, as well as contact details for our membership secretary.

Applicants should be aware, before completing the application form that Dorking Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club and that it's members will be expected to compete at a level appropriate to their ability.

After an application have been received, a trial will be arranged by our Membership Secretary, who will liaise with the Coaching team. During this trial session the coaches will assess the swimmers ability and squad placement. 

Which squad suits you best ?

Dorking Swimming Club is structured into a number of swimming squads according to a swimmer's age and ability.  We start with a learn to swim programme and run through to our Masters Swimmers. 

Competitive Squads for the under 18s

New members seeking to join one of these competitive squads are initially invited to register for a swimming trial with the Membership Secretary. The Membership Secretary will liaise with the coaches of the appropriate competitive squads to arrange a trial. Parents must complete the DSC Membership and Medical Form before any trial may take place.

After the trial, the coach will discuss with parents the most appropriate squad for their child and notify the Membership Secretary. Parents will then receive an invitation to join the Club from the Membership Secretary.

Senior Lite

The Senior-Lite squad as an option for swimmers that are 13yrs plus and wish to stay in the club, to ensure aerobic fitness and technique will continue to develop. Swimmers can swim a maximum of two Senior sessions a week.

Please contact the Membership Secretary for further information


The Club has a competitive Masters section which has two squads, M1 Masters, offering one training session per week and M2 Masters with unlimited sessions per week. Anyone wishing to swim with the Club as a Master is invited to contact the Membership Secretary as above.

Medical Forms

No swimmer may participate in swimming sessions run by the Club unless a DSC Medical Form has been completed and returned to the Membership Secretary.

Please draw your attention to the Swim England regulations on taking regular medication which may contain steroids or other illegal substances. This particularly applies to those suffering from asthma and using prescribed medication. Further details may be found on the following website. If applicable, swimmers must complete an Swim England Medication Declaration Form and return it directly to the Swim England .