Dorking Swimming Club

Junior 1

The swimmer has now entered into the initial stage of competitive training. Whilst the focus of their training is in developing aerobic capacity and broadening their skill base, a great emphasis is of course having fun along the way.

There are 3 swimming sessions available for this squad per week. Times and venues as shown.

Squad members should be able to cover between 800-1200m during per hour during a training session.

This squads objectives are: -

  • Develop and improve stroke technique on all four competitive strokes.
  • Starts and turns.
  • Develop Aerobic condition of swimmer.
  • Introduce speed work.
  • Introduce basic competition techniques.
  • Introduce basic training techniques.

Have you got the right equipment

You must have the following for every training session

  • 2 Pairs of goggles
  • Kick-board
  • Fins (short ones)
  • Costume / Shorts
  • Water bottle

Check your bag well before you leave for your session, don't leave until the last minute and don't trust anyone else to do it for you!

Please Note:

All swimmers under 13 must have a responsible adult present for all training sessions, and the swimmer must know who they are if it's not the parent, in case of emergency.


Lead Coach:  Louis Amorooso
Coaches: Maisie Apps
  Roberta McMillan




Monday at The Priory School, Dorking
17:00 - 17:45

Thursday at Dorking Sports Centre
18:15 - 19:00

Saturday at Dorking Sports Centre
08:45 - 09:45