Dorking Swimming Club

Junior 2

Please Note: the informantion below is under review until 1-Jan-2022 and may change, please email as above for more specific detail the squad you are interested in

Members of the Junior 2 squad will experience an increase in the amount and intensity of training they do. Swimmers should attend all the training sessions, if possible. After three to four weeks with all the sessions being attended they will have adapted to this level of training and progression will quickly follow.

This squad includes the following work and expectations;

  • Stroke technique on all four competitive strokes, using coach controlled sets and single lap work.
  • Stroke drill progressions for all our four competitive strokes, to perform coach controlled sets and single lap work
  • Endurance and speed training to prepare the swimmers for the next level
  • IM swimming
  • Turns for all four competitive strokes and IM
  • Starts on all four competitive strokes
  • Relay takeovers
  • Correct finishes of all the four strokes
  • Sculling
  • Using pace clock correctly
  • Training in a group environment and lane discipline
  • Rules of the sport
  • Club time trials on a variety of strokes and distances
  • Introduction to low-level competition
  • Proper warm up and swim down aspects

By the end of their time in Junior 2 Squad swimmers will have completed all 6 of the Swim England and be ready to enter the next stage(s) of Aquatic Competitive Development

Please be pool side 10 mins before your session starts

Be prepared for some hard work in the water, training helps you rebuild, remake and regenerate yourself into a swimming machine capable of anything. Your attitude towards your swimming will determine the type of swimmer you become. We need swimmers with personal discipline and application. Do you have those qualities? Think about technique all the time, always come off the wall streamlined, this will allow you to take fewer strokes per length, save your energy and it will make you look like a swimmer!

Have you got the right equipment

You must have the following for every training session

  • 2 Pairs of goggles
  • Kick-board
  • Fins (short ones)
  • Pull buoy
  • Costume / Shorts
  • Water bottle

Check your bag well before you leave for your session, don't leave until the last minute and don't trust anyone else to do it for you!

Please Note:

All swimmers under 13 must have a responsible adult present for all training sessions, and the swimmer must know who they are if it's not the parent, in case of emergency.


Lead Coach:  Maisie Apps
Coaches: Jaz Strudwick
  Ollie Amoroso
  Chloe Beggs



Monday at The Priory School, Dorking
17:45 - 18:45

Thursday at Dorking Sports Centre
18:30 - 19:15

Saturday at Dorking Sports Center
08:00 - 09:00