Dorking Swimming Club

Penguins and Sharks

Penguins is lead by Sheena Bassett assisted by Donna Read who takes Sharks who, between them, have many years of teaching experience. 

Penguins is the next step up from Seals with lessons increasing to twice a week and where the basic swimming skills are worked on. At this level we use fins so swimmers can start to build strength and stamina and focus upon specific aspects of the strokes. Sharks is a progression from Penguins where swimmers will continue to practice and embed their skills whilst also starting to cover longer distances during training in preparation for the transition to competitive swimming. We also do Distance Awards twice a year - most swimmers will achieve at least 400m by the time they move to Sharks and 800m or more when they move to the next squad, Junior 1.

The skills we teach you are:

  • Fundamental technique of front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly
  • Sculling, steamlining and basic skills through swimming drills
  • Lane discipline and etiquette (e.g. when overtaking, swim round, not over!)
  • Survival skills (what to do if you find yourself in cold water.)
  • Correct starts, turns and finishes
  • Diving

Summer 2022 term dates

Session Dates
Thursdays 18:00-18:30 21st April - 14th July
Saturdays 09:00-10:00 23rd April - 16th July
Half term (no swimming) 2nd and 4th June



  Sheena Bassett

Donna Read




Thursday at Dorking Leisure Centre 
18:00 - 18:30

Saturday at Dorking Leisure Centre
09:00 - 10:00