Dorking Swimming Club


Membership of the Performance Squad is earned through hard work, good attitude and commitment. Selection by the Head Coach should not be considered an automatic progression from other squads, and it is not a privilege earned from previous performances or status.

Base Criteria

Demonstrating commitment to your swimming will remain as the primary criteria. You will be expected to attend the five pool training sessions a week with an absolute minimum of four. One of the sessions must be a two hour session.

You must also be able to demonstrate your commitment by having a good work ethic and a desire for excellence when training. Good behaviour and good timekeeping is a must.

If you have obtained County consideration times (or better), you may be asked to train alongside the Performance squad to maximise your potential when you reach competition should you be unable to commit to the training regime. This will be at the discretion of the Head Coach.

Attend long course sessions when in the programme.

You must have a legal time at 200m on all strokes, and be able to complete the full two hour session.

You must have the correct equipment at all sessions, fins, two pairs of goggles, kick board and paddles.


1. Land training does not count as one of your sessions.

Some of you are studying for GCSE and A levels etc, and there will be occasions when school/college work will have to take priority, but with careful planning, it is possible to fit your swimming training around this. It has been done before! Remember, if you have a problem, talk to your Coach.

3. If you are involved in "other" sports at School etc, this will not be seen as a substitute for your swim training.

4. There will be no part sessions, as the aims and specifics of the training will not be reached, and it causes disruption to the session.

5. Your membership of Performance Squad will be periodically reviewed.

6. Remember, four sessions will not be enough to ensure you reach your full potential.

Please take time to decide if you really want to fully commit to the Performance squad training program. If you cannot make all the requirements stated you will be asked to swim with the Competitive Development or Intermediate squads. Whilst I appreciate there will be problems for some of you, I need to establish firm guidelines so the sessions are to the maximum benefit for the attending swimmers.

I hope you understand that I cannot make exceptions for anyone so please don't ask!

The club is expanding and I have to be able to give those swimmers that wish to make swimming their number one sport the pool time to ensure their full potential can be met. There will always be an option to rejoin if your circumstances change in future.

Dorking SC is a club for all levels and abilities and our squad system allows every swimmer to achieve what they want to in the sport. The coaching team is very dedicated and talented. As Head Coach, I take at least one squad session during the training week, something that doesn't happen in a lot of swimming clubs.

Please think carefully about whether you are able to meet the requirements for the Performance squad. Swimming is not an easy sport and requires dedication, patience and lots of hard work in the pool to achieve success.

Greg Capper
Head Coach


Lead Coach:  Simon Read
Coaches: Greg Capper



Monday at City of London Freemans School, Ashtead
18:45 - 20:15

Tuesday at The Priory School Dorking
18:30 - 20:30

Wednesday at The Priory School, Dorking
19:10 - 20:45

Thursday at Dorking Sports Centre
20:15 - 21:30

Friday at Dorking Sports Centre
19:00 - 20:45

Sunday Long Course at K2, Crawley (when available)
07:30 - 09:30