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ASA Competitive Performance Awards

This award scheme is designed to motivate and reward achievements of swimmers at any age or level. Through the scheme swimmers can collect badges and certificates when they have successfully achieved a required standard in terms of racing times and distances.

• Any swimmer may qualify for the speed Awards by achieving the target time set by the ASA in a licensed meet

• Target times cover different distances for all four strokes and IM

• Swimmers progress from bronze to silver and gold as they get faster. Platinum Awards are also available for most distances and strokes

• Swimmers have the opportunity to qualify for an Award at any licensed open meet or at Club Championships

Award Categories

• Sprint - 25m, 50m and 100m for each stroke and 100m IM

• Middle Distance - 200m for each stroke and IM and 400m for front crawl

• Distance - 800m and 1500m for front crawl and 400m IM

For sprint distances there’s one time standard for all pools. Middle Distance and Distance Awards have separate qualifying times for short course (25m pools) and long course (50m pools)

How do I earn a Badge?

Click here for a table showing target times for each distance and stroke or IM.

Circular Cloth Badges and Certificates – Awarded when a swimmer achieves a bronze, silver, gold or platinum qualifying time for one of sprint, middle distance or distance categories in any stroke or IM. E.g. If a swimmer achieves 4.00.00mins for breaststroke over 200m he/she qualifies for the silver middle distance circular badge and certificate.

Flash Cloth Badges – Awarded when a swimmer achieves a qualifying time for a stroke or IM in one of sprint, middle distance or distance categories. Only one time needs to be achieved for each stroke at each level. For example, if a swimmer achieves 1.45.00 for fly over 100m he/she qualifies for the bronze fly flash. If the swimmer subsequently swims 48.00 for 50m fly which would qualify for bronze standard, another flash is not awarded for fly. If the same swimmer swims the qualifying time for fly in the middle distance or distance categories another flash would be awarded.

How much do the Badges cost?

Circular badges and certificate – £3 each Flash Badges - £1 each

How do I order Badges? When you achieve a qualifying time please complete the form and either email it to [email protected] or hand it in when you pay. Payment should be made in cash – please put completed forms and cash in an envelope marked “ASA Awards” and hand it into the desk at Xcel on Wednesday or Sunday evenings.

If you think you’ve already achieved a target time please feel free to complete the form and purchase Awards retrospectively.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected].