SwimMark Club
Thank you for your interest in joining Elmbridge Phoenix Swimming Club.
For swimmers new to competitive club swimming 

Sorry we are currently full and have closed our waiting list. Please check back in December!
Ideally, we prefer swimmers to have reached a minimum standard of stage 7 or 8 via a swimming lesson programme before applying for a trial but we do take swimmers, aged 6-8, who may not have achieved this level.
As a minimum swimmers need to be able to swim
- 25-50m Front Crawl & Backstroke
- 25m Breaststroke
- 25m Butterfly (dolphin kick only for younger swimmers)
- perform a forward roll or tumble turn and a dive (minimum kneeling dive)
The purpose of these trials is to ensure that the swimmer is placed in the correct training group for their ability and development. At the trial the coach will ask each child to complete one length (25m) of the following strokes: · Front Crawl · Backstroke · Breaststroke · Butterfly (basic only required) · a forward roll/tumble turn and dive.
The swimmer will be informed as soon as possible after the trial whether they have been successful. If they are successful they will then be invited to a trial in the squad suited to their ability. This trial is to assess stamina and to ensure the swimmer and coach feel the squad placement is correct for the swimmer's ability. If the trial is successful, information will be provided  of a start date, squad timetable and cost. A joining fee will be charged with your first month's fees. This place in the club will be held for a period of two weeks. If the place is not taken up during this period, your child will have to re-trial for his/her place at the next trial date.  Unfortunately, we are unable to defer joining membership. If you are unsuccessful, we will give you pointers for improvement. Please feel free to retrial when you have addressed those points.
For swimmers transferring from another Club
The process may be different if you are interested in transferring from another club. Invitation to trial for Club transfers will be dependent on the swimmers age and ability.
Please complete the new joiner form here, state you are a club transfer & provide as much information as possible about the swimmers current squad & training levels.
A Club transfer DOES NOT include swimmers who are enrolled on a learn to swim programme at a school, gym or local leisure centre.