SwimMark Club


Swimming and racing in the open water has huge mental and physical benefits for swimmers whilst encompassing characteristics that you won't find in your average chlorinated swimming pool. The conditions of an open water swimming and racing make for a very unique environment which rewards being able to improvise and adapt on-the-go.


Physical demands are one of the key similarities between open water swimming and pool swimming. Both types of swimming require a high level of physical fitness and endurance, as well as strong swimming technique. The physical demands of both types of swimming provide a unique and challenging workout that can help swimmers of all levels to achieve their personal fitness goals.
A growing number of EPSC swimmers of all ages are taking to the lake as a complementary activity alongside their pool training, transferring their skills from the pool to open water. One of our swimmers is an age group open water national champion, and it looks like 2023 will see our largest entry into the South East Regional Championships in July.
If you'd like to find out more about open water swimming, please contact Mark Donnison, our open water rep on the committee.