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EPSC use TeamUnify and MainSet

Early 2017 Elmbridge Phoenix embarked on using TeamUnify to manage the clubs' membership database, website, calendar, news updates and meet registration.  This has proved to be a big task for the committee to align all the processes into one system.

All parents are able to access their own account with their childs' membership details with a secure login.  Once logged in, they can view best times (taken from ASA), membership attendance, any videos taken at meets or training sessions, update their contact details, emergency contacts, medical contacts/conditions and process gala registration.

The details can be viewed either on a PC or by using the mobile App OnDeck.  


Our team of coaches are using the TeamUnify software called MainSet.  This enables our coaches to set programmes to each session with each set documented.  MainSet also allows our team to take attendance of each session to enable us to analyse our sessions to ensure we are providing the most optimum coaching to swimmer ratio.  

Coaches can video our swimmers and upload to each individual swimmers' profile to allow their parents to view at their convenience.  


or download the app Mainset