SwimMark Club

Young Swimmer - Learn to Swim

On joining the Club, depending on the age and ability of the swimmer, the swimmer will generally join one of our Learn to swim groups and progress through each of these groups.  EPSC operate a Slot System for these groups which allows you to choose between 1 - 4 sessions per week dependent on the level of your child.  These groups are shown below:

Focus is on learning the strokes – freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, diving and learning how to do the correct turns for each stroke. Swimmers are not expected to swim more than two lengths (50m) at one time in the lower groups.

One of our aims is to keep the swimmers enjoying the sessions whilst learning to swim efficiently. By the time swimmers are ready to graduate from the Gold group their strokes will be stronger and they will be used to swimming for longer periods of time whilst retaining excellent strokes. The training structure is designed to help them progress to the Junior Squads, Development or Senior Squads with relative ease. 

Progression through the club will depend on the age, ability, attitude and dedication to training of each swimmer. Reviews of swimming groups are carried out on a regular basis by the Coaching Team and swimmers are moved up through the groups only when they are ready to do so and when there is space to do so. All movements within the club are done on an individual basis. To move a swimmer up too early is detrimental to a swimmers development and in most cases will have a negative effect  on progress.