FSC Academy - for children from age 3½

We run a thriving swim academy for children on Sunday afternoons/evenings at Farnham Leisure Centre. Our Academy Bronze, Silver and Gold classes all take place in the small pool, between 4pm and 7pm. Children can then progress to the main pool when they join the Academy Platinum class. 

We welcome swimmers to enter our program from 3 ½ to 4 years old. Non-swimmers at entry level age start in Bronze 1 and then make their way through the pathway. Older non-swimmers start in Bronze 2 for assessment but can be moved to join our late development pathway to allow them to move faster through the pathway to be alongside swimmers of their own age.

We follow a condensed version of the Swim England pathway with our own names matching combined stages which are shown within the flow diagram below. We have assessment dates in which swimmers will then receive certificates for their achievements.  Swimmers can achieve their stage certificate and water skills certificates.

Our FSC Head of Academy is Henrietta Allhusen. Henrietta is supported in the Academy by a Level 2 teacher, a Level 1 teacher and, quite often, one or more volunteers, who are swimmers in the main club (they’ll be the ones you see in the purple tops!)

The Academy teachers regularly assess the swimmers in each class and move them on to the next class whenever they are ready. Should you need to contact Henrietta about anything academy-related, her email address is [email protected]

Academy Pathway