Farnham Swimming Club

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Membership fees are charged on the 1st of each month to the credit or debit card registered to your account on the Club's secure online billing platform, TeamUnify. Current membership fees can be seen here. 

Membership fees are payable at the same level for each of the 12 months within the calendar year. Fees are calculated based upon the Club's costs, spread over 12 months, and take into account closures for Club Competitions and holidays within summer and Christmas.  Summer and Christmas payments are no lower than the other months of the year for that reason.

In the event that you are unable to train for medical reasons for one or more complete calendar months, the Club can, in some circumstances, waive the fees for a certain number of months upon the provision of a suitable doctor’s note.

Members can leave at any time but are required to give at least one full calendar month’s written notice of termination to the Membership Secretary [email protected].

Membership fees cover all normal scheduled training sessions as well as ASA membership costs.  Additional charges are levied for any activity that involves the Club in additional costs including, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Individual entry into competitions
  • Transport by bus to Arena League
  • Social Events
  • Club kit and equipment

These charges will be added to your online account, and billed with membership fees on the 1st of the next month.