Register for a Taster Session

A very warm welcome to Farnham Swimming Club!

Please complete the online 'Register for taster session' form, and include relevant swimming lessons attended / swimming experience / award levels achieved. Please give as much detail as possible here, as it makes it easier for the coaches to work out which squad/class to trial you/your swimmer in. 

We have been made aware of a few problems sometimes occurring when trying to submit this form. If for any reason you can't seem to complete the form, or if you submit it, but don't hear back from our New Members secretary within 7 days of submitting the form, please contact [email protected].

We are always delighted to hear from prospective new members. Please note, however, than many of our squads are currently full, so you/your swimmer may be added to a waiting list. As soon as a place becomes available, our New Members secretary will email to offer a taster session. We sincerely apologise if you are sitting on a waiting list for longer than you'd have hoped; we will always do our best to get swimmers into the club as soon as possible, so please do bear with us! 

We are aware of a current bug in the Team Unify system which occurs when you try to enter your phone number on this form. If you cannot get beyond this point, enter 1234567890 instead of your phone number and it should let you move forward (we can edit the number afterwards then!). Apologies for the inconvenience. 

We look forward to meeting you at Farnham Swimming Club!

**​Once you have been offered a taster session, your details will be kept for three months and if a taster session is not booked, the details will be removed.