How to join

The club welcomes new members all the time.

Trials are held by appointment at Cygnet Leisure Center. If your child/ren to come along for a trial, please make your way to the poolside. One of our learn to swim coaches will find you. It is recommended that you email GNSC Membership email and confirm the booking of your trial ahead of your arrival. 

Once you have had the trial, the coach will decide on the best lane/squad for your children to join. You can find information about the club's swim groups and fees here

Before swimmers can join the club we require a one off payment of £50.00 per swimmer, this covers the swimmers ASA registration and club joining fee, along with all the relevant joining forms. Joining forms can be downloaded from our website or collected from the membership desk.

Swimmers will not be allowed to join in the lessons until the relevant joining forms are returned and joining fees are paid. Payment can be made by cash or cheque made payable to 'Gravesend and Northfleet swimming club' at the membership desk.

The membership desk will be open in the viewing area from 7pm on Fridays in the Cygnets viewing gallery if you would like to discuss anything before your trial.

Signup forms: 

The forms in this pack need reading and filling in fully. All must be completed and returned as instructed, BEFORE the member (you or your child) can start lessons, as they will not be covered by insurance.

  • The new member/renewal form, return to the Club.
  • Swimmers Code of Conduct to be read, signed, dated and returned to the Club.
  • Parents Code of Conduct to be read, signed, dated and returned to the Club.
  • Please note that GNSC Club members also need to become Active Leisure Centre members.  GNSC members are eligible for a 50% discount.

Enclose the below forms in an envelope and return to the Membership Secretary or post in the GNSC POSTBOX IN THE VIEWING GALLERY.

Club joining fee is £50 per person. This amount includes the ASA Fees for the year and the administration fee. Please note that ASA fees are valid from 1st of Feb to 31st of Jan for the year.

Please contact the membership desk for more detail.

If you miss more than two months’ fees then your club membership is cancelled and you will have to re-join. The re-joining fee £10 per person.



The dedicated volunteers and committee members, of which help run our club so successfully, are swimmers/parents/grandparents or family members of swimmers past and present.

If you feel you can add any suggestions/ideas for improvement or sponsorship, or would like to join the committee or simply join in and lend a hand, by giving your time, help and bringing your skills to GNSC, please speak to a current committee member.


All members are requested to read and adhere to the code of conduct laid out. By applying for the club membership it is deemed the code of conduct is accepted. Please contact the current committee member should you have any questions or clarifications.

Member's Code of Conduct

Parent's Code of Conduct

Coache's & Teacher's Code of Conduct

Committee and Volunteer's Code of Conduct