Silver Squad   CoachMike Walsh

Training Sessions and Location:



Cygnets Leisure Centre


20:00-21:30 Cygnets Leisure Centre



Cygnets Leisure Centre



Cygnets Leisure Centre



Cygnets Leisure Centre

Age Criteria:      Females 10-13

               Males 11-14

Attendance: Silver has 8 hours of training per week, over 4 sessions a week.  Swimmers will need to attend a minimum of 3 sessions per WEEK to be considered for promotion.

Focus areas: Volume with technique and skills.  In Silver, swimmers will progressively extend the volume of their training.  This is a critical factor in relation to the long-term development of the swimmer.  To achieve this goal commitment and attendance is essential. 

There are 4 main areas of focus training is segregated into, technique, sprint and lactate, quality and mixed, and endurance.  Whilst emphasis progresses onto training volume, attention is still placed on stroke work and ensuring technique is maintained through their growth and development and whilst completing increasingly intense sessions.

Discipline: Swimmers' behaviour, ability, and attitude towards training will be taken into consideration and will be a deciding factor as to whether a swimmer progresses to the next squad.  Swimmers will also need to demonstrate good lane etiquette and courtesy to other swimmers in the lane and in the club.

Swimmers in this squad should be able to:

 In order to remain in the Silver squad swimmers must be able to undertake legal starts, turns, streamline, and competitive dive.

Have the necessary technique to swim 3 good-quality strokes.

Have the ability to:

  1. 16 x 100 Freestyle @ 2:15
  2. 8 x 100 IM @ 2:30
  3.  200 IM @ 4:30 at a competition (5:00 if completed at training
  4. T1000 target sub 20 minutes

Once every 2 months to participate in time trials across all squads.

These times will be reviewed annually as the stronger swimmers come through the system.

Gala attendance 80% of Medway’s plus any club gala selected for and all club champs. Open galas at own choice or at recommendation of the Head coach. Attend squad meetings.

Wearing the correct squad hat at all times and abiding by the code of conduct showing respect to all coaches and other swimmers. Personal equipment to be present and correct with spare goggles and hat as appropriate.

Training targets to achieve to be considered for promotion to Gold:

  1. 16 x 100 Freestyle @ 2:00
  2. 12 x 100 IM @ 2:30 or 12 x 100 butterfly @ 2:30 or 12 x 100 Backstroke @ 2:20 or 12 x 100 Breastroke @ 2:40
  3. 10 x 25 @ 30 seconds
  4. T1000 target sub 18 minutes