Adopted at the AGM of the Maidenhead Amateur Swimming Club on Tuesday 12th June 2007.

Amended at the AGM of the Maidenhead Amateur Swimming Club on Tuesday 3rd June 2008.

Amended by committee Monday 14th December 2009.


At galas, swimmers must:

  • Remain poolside with the poolside helpers when not swimming;

  • Ask permission before leaving poolside e.g. to go to the toilet;

  • Wear regulation black swimming costumes (or body/other racing suits), hats and Club ‘T’ shirts/tracksuits;

  • Wear poolside shoes

  • Stay on poolside until the end of the gala;

  • Be supportive of their team members;

  • Behave sensibly at all times;

  • Abide by ASA rules at all times. (Note. Internal galas are run under strict ASA rules).

When training, swimmers must:

  • Arrive 10 minutes before start of session and be ready to swim (i.e. hats and goggles on) at the start of the session. Any swimmer who is not poolside ready to swim for the start of the session must report to the coach and it will be at the discretion of the coach as to whether the swimmer may participate.

  • Not enter the pool until instructed by the coach/teacher taking the training session;

  • Listen to instructions at all times.

  • Observe correct lane etiquette as directed by the coach/teacher;

  • No Lucozade type energy drinks

  • All swimmers must have appropriate training equipment

  • Behave sensibly at all times both in and out of the pool, and particularly in the changing rooms before and after training sessions.

General Conduct:

  • Swimmers are expected to behave in a manner which would not cause offence to any other swimmer, parent, official or employee of the pool facilities and are further expected to promote good behaviour and attitude at all times.

  • Swimmers should not therefore use bad language, violence, demonstrate overt behaviour of a potentially sexual nature, bully, harass, tease or display any other behaviour which would be deemed to be unacceptable.

  • All of the above matters will be subject to disciplinary action.

Disciplinary issues:

  • All disciplinary issues will be dealt with promptly by the coach/teacher in the first instance in accordance with the 3 strikes procedure which can be found at the end of this document..

  • The club operates a suspension policy, if a swimmer is asked to leave a session for disciplinary reasons a suspension may be applied.

  • Serious issues will be referred to the Committee for discussion and possible further action;

  • Swearing, fighting, dangerous and disruptive behaviour will be reviewed in line with the procedures set out in these rules and may lead to expulsion from the club;

  • Consumption of alcohol and illegal and performance enhancing drugs is strictly forbidden.  Any instance of this type of activity will lead to expulsion from the club.

  • If an offence is deemed to be very serious the swimmer may be suspended/ expelled based on that incident. 



  • Stroke Development – parents must remain poolside for the duration of the session, in case of emergency;

  • Club Members under 11 – parents must remain poolside for the duration of the session;

  • Club Members 11 and over – parents are advised to remain poolside for the duration of the session;


  • No external footwear allowed on any poolside;

  • No external footwear allowed in the inner showers/toilets at the Magnet;

  • No coaching from the side of the pool during training sessions.

Emergency Contact Details / Medical Conditions:

Parents/Carers must:

  • inform the coach prior to the start of the training session if their child has a medical condition;

  • inform the coach prior to the start of the training session if their child is taking any medication;

  • inform the Club Membership Secretary, in writing if there are any changes to contact details and emergency telephone numbers;

  • inform the Club Membership Secretary in writing if there are any changes to medical conditions or medication taken by the child;

  • inform the Club Membership Secretary and the coach if there is any other relevant information which the Club needs to know about their child, particularly if their performance would be affected during a training session or  swimming gala.

  • Report absences from coaching which cover a period of 3 or more days.


  • Photography is only allowed if permission is obtained from the head coach (and the pool management, if required);

  • At internal and external galas, a permit must be obtained from the event organiser. Note - This includes the use of mobile phones for photography.


  • Parents should remain in the gallery and not approach swimmers during the gala. 


  • Feedback, questions and complaints about the general running of the club and the standards of coaching are welcomed and encouraged from concerned parties. In order to ensure that such feedback can be acted upon in a consistent and equitable manner it should be made in writing to the club secretary. Matters will be raised at committee, outcomes decided accordingly and a response communicated back to the concerned party. Please provide feedback in a sealed envelope and post in the Marlins box next to the club noticeboard addressed to the club secretary.

  • Comments/questions/reports of absence for the club coaches can be emailed to them using the addresses on the contacts page of the website. 


Prompt payment of fees:

  • Quarterly fees for club members are due prior to the 1st day of the quarter;

  • Quarterly fees for stroke development are due prior to the 1st day of the course;

  • The 3rd swimmer in a family swims at a discount of 50% on the quarterly fee;

  • Fees for swimmers attending university or boarding school will be set by the committee, on a case by case basis;

  • Fees for Masters swimming once a week only at the Friday night session (9 to 10pm) will be set by the committee. The fees are payable by standing order only prior to the 1st day of the quarter.

  • ASA membership fees are payable by the swimmer on an annual renewable basis.

3 Strikes:

  • Swimmers would normally expect to receive an informal verbal warning in the first instance if any of the club rules, ethics or conduct issues are breached. This would depend on the severity of the matter as in extreme circumstances immediate temporary or permanent suspension from the club may take place, subject to committee decision;

  • Any instances of a breach of the club rules will be noted in the register so that all coaches are aware that an initial warning has been given;

  • A subsequent breach of the same or a different rule will result in a “strike” being given. This too will be noted in the register and a written communication made to the swimmer or swimmers parent/guardian to formalise the matter;

  • Further breaches will similarly be noted and communicated until the maximum of three has been reached, at which time the matter will be brought before committee and a decision made as to further disciplinary action;

  • Strikes will remain valid for a period of 6 months and are transferable from group to group if the swimmer moves groups;

  • The award of a strike is entirely at the discretion of the coach on poolside for that group at that time – it can be given for a breach of any of the rules documented above;

  • The consistency of this process will be monitored and communication of this process regularly delivered to the coaches.