Swim England

We are a Sportsmark accredited Swim England affiliated club. A full guide to Swim England’s rules and laws can be found here.


Child protection and safeguarding

As a Swim England affiliated club we have adopted the Wavepower guidance in full.

Our welfare officer is Marie Brooks, who can be contacted at [email protected].


MASC Safeguarding Statement


Codes of Conduct

All coaches, teachers, Committee members, officials and volunteers at MASC  have agreed & signed the ASA Code of Ethics (http://www.swimming.org/asa/clubs-and-members/code-of-ethics/) and relevant Code of Conduct.

All Swimmers, members parents & volunteers are required to agree & sign each Code of Conduct  relevant to them


Code of Conduct - Children - 2021

Code of Conduct - Coaches and Teachers - 2021

Code of Conduct - Members, Committee Members, Officials, Volunteers - 2021

Code of Conduct - Parents - 2021