Swim England

We are a Swim England (formerly the ASA) affiliated club. A full guide to Swim England’s rules and laws can be found here.

Child protection and safeguarding

As a Swim England affiliated club we have adopted the Wavepower guidance in full as our child protection and safeguarding policy. You can find this here. Our welfare officers are Shruti Goyal, who can be contacted via [email protected].

If you’re a club member and you want to raise a concern, you can speak to any adult who is involved in the club whom you trust, and your concern will be dealt with. If you don’t feel able to talk to someone, sometimes it’s easier to write things down and pass on a note. 

Codes of conduct

All coaches, teachers, Committee members, officials and volunteers at Maidenhead Marlins abide by the ASA Code of Ethics (http://www.swimming.org/asa/clubs-and-members/code-of-ethics/) and it is expected that all swimmers and their parents/carers subscribe to the same codes of conduct.


Code of Conduct Committee-2016.pdf

Code of Conduct teachers - 2016.pdf

Members code of Conduct - 2016.pdf

Parent's code of conduct - 2016.pdf


Disciplinary code

Maidenhead Amateur Swimming Club operates a disciplinary code with takes account of Wavepower and relevant Swim England/ASA laws and guidance. Please refer to the Club Rules for further information.

Part-time swimmers

We have some part-time swimmers who are away at residential college or university, or who coach with us, and qualify for reduced fees. Please contact the membership secretary for more details [email protected]

Injury and illness

Swimmers unable to train through injury or illness may be eligible for a reduction in fees. Please contact the membership secretary for more details [email protected]

Social networking, video and images

MASC operates in accordance with the Swim England and WavePower policies,

However the basics are as follows:

  • No mobile phones or devices that can capture images are to be used by swimmers in the changing room areas or poolside at any time, save if express permission is sought and obtained from a coach or welfare officer.
  • Any swimmer inappropriately using a phone will be given a verbal warning and asked to adhere to the rules.  A phone can be confiscated by the coach for the remainder of that session, or until an appropriate time is available for discussion with the swimmer/ parent/carer as appropriate.
  • Nobody shall take photographs or video poolside unless agreed with the Head Coach, MASC committee member or Gala Promoter. Note: for training purposes video may be taken by a coach / volunteer if parental consent has been given, in accordance with ASA guidelines.
  • Where photography or filming is permitted, it should be predominately of your own child and for personal use only. Parents, carers and swimmers will abide by the Swim England/ASA policy on photography and filming.
  • The placing of images taken during training or galas on personal social media is discouraged; wherever photographs or footage have/has been obtained including other children, consent from their parents should be sought before publication.
  • Photographs or filming must never be used to intimidate, bully or be detrimental to any other person.  To do so is a breach of the relevant MSAC Code of Conduct and may lead to disciplinary sanctions as appropriate.

Relevant sections of Wavepower can be found here:

Wavepower Social Networking Policy extracted 26 Sept 17

Wavepower ASA Photography Guidance extracted 26 Sept 17