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Squad Fees (as of 1st  January  2019)

Fees are payable quarterly and vary by squad. The total fee payable is made up of :

  1. ASA fees – an annual amount payable to the Amateur Swimming Association which pays for the ASA central support functions, club insurance and competitive swimming management

  2. All members of swimming clubs need to be registered with the Amateur Swimming Association. In order to be able to take part in licensed meets you will need to ensure that you have a Cat 2 ASA registration. Once your swimmer turns 9, ensure that you have competed and returned a Category 2 form. This can be easily checked on the ASA website (Contact the ASA Co-ordinator with queries).

  3. Club & Training fees – a quarterly charge for training costs including pool hire and coaching costs. The charge is averaged out over the annual training programme and is not available on a selective session basis.

There is also a joining fee of £30 payable for all new joiners in Squads Junior 1 and above.

The club has previously offered a discounted price for the third swimmer in one family (3rd swimmer pays 50% of the normal fees, other than for Swimmers in Stroke Development). Effective 1-January-2017, the discount for the 3rd swimmer in the family can no longer apply. We will retain a 25% disccount for the 4th swimmer onwards within the family.

Please contact the Membership Secretary( or Treasurer ( for more information.

Payment methods :

Payment is by standing order on a quarterly basis, on or before the 1st day of each quarter (January, April, July, October). Bank details are as follows :

Account name: MASC

Account number: 67096476

Reference: [Swimmer’s name]

Sort code: 601335

An additional charge of £10 will be applied to all payments not received within 10 days of the due date and any swimmer whose account remains unsettled after this period will be suspended from swimming.

Fees are payable in advance and no refunds will be given if a swimmer decides to leave after payment has been made.

Fees are :

The fees shown below are for standing orders only.

Fees as of 1-January-2019


Quarterly fee

Junior 1


Junior 2


Junior 3


Junior 4


Junior 5










Joining Fee : Charge to anyone joining the club (in order to cover the cost of the first year ASA fee) = £30

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