The club is run by volunteers. All the Committee members, and most of the people you will see around the poolside (excluding the Coaches) are all volunteers. All the ‘background’ work (websites, meet entries, officials, membership etc etc etc) is done by volunteers.

All these people give up their time and expertise to help Maidenhead Marlins and we (always) need more folk to help out with various roles. The more people that offer to help, the more the work can be spread around.

Once your swimmer starts swimming competitively, you will spend a lot of time hanging around boiling hot swimming pools for many hours. Why not talk to [email protected] and find out what it takes to become a timekeeper (or ask about how to become a Judge)? If you’re interested in finding out what other roles are available (or have ideas for roles that we haven’t thought of), then contact [email protected] for an informal chat about what you could do to help.   

Volunteering within a swimming club is very rewarding as you are helping your own swimmer, amongst many others. You will meet other parents, and be able to share experiences.

We need your help and always welcome new volunteers and suggestions . . . . .