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Age Group Swimmers


To join the club

For Age Group swimmers, we operate a squad training structure and a prospective member's swimming ability will be assessed at a swimming trial.

A swimmer must demonstrate to the Coach that they meet the minimum entry criteria defined below based on their age and that they are keen to progress and compete. The trial will ascertain a candidate's suitability to join the club and if so which squad they are placed in.


6 to 11 Years

Swimmers interested in joining the club at our entry level must be able to:

  • Swim 10m Front Crawl and Backstroke
  • Have a basic stoke working towards 10m of Breaststroke and do some Butterfly kick
  • Push and glide on the front and back
  • Jump in from the side and tread water for 30 seconds

At this level we are working to stage 4/5 of the Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework.

It is important to highlight that some swimmers may have already achieved these levels through a learn to swim program. We may still assess and put them into our learn to swim program to correct and develop the stroke while developing starts and turns in line with ASA competitive swimming rules. This will then allow them to move to the Development Squad and compete at the age of 9.


12 Years & Over

Swimmers interested in joining the club at this age must be able to swim all 4 strokes.

Their stroke must be technically correct according to the rules published by FINA, for the following strokes/distances:

  • 300m on Front-crawl, Backstroke and Breaststroke including correct starts, turns and finishes

  • 50m Butterfly with 2 stroke breathing including correct starts, turns and finishes

  • 200m Individual Medley including correct starts, turns and finishes


They must be capable of swimming 600m continuously on front-crawl and backstroke without stopping. They must also have the stamina to swim for 1.5 hours, which is the typical session time for this age group.


Where do we train?

Our main pool is at Donyngs Leisure Centre in Redhill. We also train at pools in Horley, Reigate, Caterham and Crawley.

Please visit the Pool Locations page to see exact locations and where to park at the school pools.


Training Schedule and Squad Structure

The club operates a squad structure and training sessions are held 6 days of the week depending on squad. The squad each swimmer is allocated to is decided by the coaches and depends on the ability and commitment of the swimmer. This is reviewed on a regular basis and swimmers are moved between squads as appropriate. The higher squads are offered more training time in the water than the junior squads and this is reflected in the club’s monthly squad fees.

For further information please see the Squad Training Schedule.


Swimming Competitions/Events

There are different types of swimming competitions your swimmer may be eligible to enter, including:

  1. Club galas, including Club Championships

  2. Interclub galas, including league competitions

  3. Open Meets

  4. County/Regional Championships

For a better understanding of the different types of swimming competitions please read our Rough Guide to Swimming Competitions.



Redhill & Reigate Swimming Club's fees can be found here


Training Kit

Training equipment required varies upon squad, please check the Training Equipment page for further details.

Members are required to wear the official Club hat when representing the Club in competitions. 

Club swim hats, goggles and various other items are available to purchase from the Club Shop, which is open on Friday evenings at Donyngs between 7pm and 9pm.

The Shop page displays our current kit available.


Request a Trial

To request a trial for an Age Group swimmer, please register here.