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Club Emails Not Arriving ?

RRSC Webmaster

If you suspect that you are not receiving emails that are being sent by the club, we have a couple of options:

  1. Ask us to register a different, alternate email address for you on your account. The primary email address will still be sent the email but the alternate email address will be bcc’d as well. This has resolved the issue sufficiently for one of our members this week. It’s very easy to set up a Google Mail / Gmail account for instance.
  2. Please follow these instructions to see whether your email application is blocking these in some way:


  1. Login to your email host's interface, such as, rather than checking an email program like Outlook. Then do the following:
  2. Add [email protected] to your contacts.
  3. Add to your contacts.
  4. Check your spam/junk folder for any team emails and mark them as "not spam" if you find any there.
  5. In Gmail, check all your category tabs for the email: Primary, Promotions, Social, Updates, and Forums.

This is what Team Unify says:

“First, a person may have received the email but simply hasn’t opened it yet. We send emails with a tracking feature. When someone opens an email sent from this site, the tracking feature will report back to our site that they opened the email and they appear in the “Unique Mails Opened” list. But this feature doesn’t work in some email clients, especially on mobile devices, or the user disabled the feature. So we can’t know they opened the email in those cases even though they did.

It could also mean they haven’t opened it because the email went to their junk or spam folder, or they didn’t receive the email at all. If a user says they didn’t receive an email, first have them check their junk/spam folder (and their various category tabs in Gmail). IMPORTANT: They need to check via the email host's web interface, not just Outlook. For example, if someone has a account, they need to login to their account in a browser and check their junk/spam folder. If they find it, they should mark it as "not spam."

One thing that helps is for the user to add both [email protected] AND (where alias is their team alias found in My Account > My Tutorials) to their contacts in their email host's web interface. This will often tell the email host to allow email from those addresses.

If the email you sent isn’t there and their email addresses are correct in SwimOffice, then in 99% of the cases we successfully delivered the email to their email host, but the host failed to deliver it to the recipient. The user will need to check with their email host as to what they did with it and make sure is on their white list. Perhaps they have aggressive spam filtering software that intercepts and won’t deliver certain emails to the intended recipient because the wording or something else in your email looks like spam to them.

If their email host claims they never received this specific email around the date and time you sent it, contact TU Support by clicking the red question mark in the lower right corner, enter all necessary information, and we’ll investigate it further. Include the email subject line, date and time sent, and recipient who didn’t receive it”