Loretta De Silva

Qualifications (relevant to swimming/coaching/teaching):

BA in Journalism
Diploma in Sports Coaching
Level 2 Coaching, Level 2 Teaching in Swimming

Years in Swimming:

Over 16 years of experience in teaching and coaching swimming

Why did you get into coaching?

Being an Athlete herself (400m Hurdler) Loretta always wanted to become a sports coach. She studied in a boarding school run by nuns and didn’t have the opportunity to swim, but as she entered the university she got involved in competitive swimming.

Loretta always wanted to share her knowledge and experience with young children and support them to develop a strong foundation to become better athletes. She is a firm believer that she can inspire the younger generation to achieve their goals and find enjoyment in sport.

Background/List of achievements past and present:

In 1997, after her degree, Loretta joined the Physical Education Department at the University of Colombo and started coaching athletics and teaching swimming in Sri-Lanka. She trained many sprinters and a female shot putter who held the Sri-Lankan Record at that time. She also had the opportunity to work alongside the best swimming coaches in Sri-Lanka and taught within a learn to swim programme. During this period, Loretta was also involved in the National Olympic committee of Sri Lanka.

In 2000, Loretta got her diploma in sports coaching from the National Institute of Sports Sciences in India. After that she came to England and continued coaching. Loretta became a level 2 Cricket coach and worked for the Hampshire Cricket Board within the “chance to shine programme” and still continues to work with local schools and Aldershot Cricket Club.

When her daughter started swimming at RRSC, she volunteered to officiate. From there with Dick and Sean’s support Loretta got back into coaching swimming again. During term time, she get’s involved with the school swimming programme. She also works closely with the local leisure centre and link their best swimmers to the club.

Here are a few of her achievements; Being an athlete and the commitment to sports coaching and teaching in Sri- Lanka, she was chosen to represent the country for the International Olympic sessions for young participants in Athens. She also achieved the colours Queen Trophy for 3 consecutive years at the University of Colombo. She sang on national television in Sri Lanka on a semi regular basis. At Aldershot cricket club, she achieved the Best player of the year award in 2006.

Favourite Pool:


Greatest achievement in swimming/coaching:

Loretta always coaches in academy and junior squads. “It’s great to see our young swimmers work their way up and take part in competitive swimming whilst achieving great results and some also continue to take part in other aquatic sports.”

Favourite set:

Breaststroke kick set

Most important piece of advice to a swimmer:

No matter how slow you are to start with, there is always so much you can learn to achieve your goals as long as you don’t just give up….. BE POSITIVE!!!

Other interests/hobbies:

Apart from coaching and teaching, Loretta enjoy’s family time and having fun with her children. She also plays cricket for her local club. She loves Singing (performing as a vocalist).