Sam Wilson


Level 3 Personal Trainer,
BSc (Hons) Applied Sport and Exercise Science,
Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence,
Level 1 in Coaching Diving

Years in Swimming:

1.5 years in swimming (also 9 years in synchronised swimming and 4 years in diving)

Why did you get into coaching?

Sam feel’s strongly that in order to build great athletes that can achieve their best potential whilst minimising injury risk, land-based training is just as important as training in the pool. She was immediately excited by the opportunity to help develop the land-based training at Rushmoor.

Background/List of achievements past and present:

Great Britain Synchronised Swimming team - 2013 World Championships Finalist in the Free Programme.
National champion as a member of the Combination team (synchro)
Supporting the senior GB synchro team as a strength and conditioning coach

Favourite Pool:

"The Olympic pool in Barcelona, it is up in the mountains and has the most amazing view over the city,"

Greatest achievement in swimming/coaching:

Swimming - finishing 3rd in 100m free at my first counties
Coaching - finding a great set that makes you want to work push yourself!

Favourite set:

A good tabata set with simple, whole body exercises that you can work really hard on! (20s on, 10s off x8)

Most important piece of advice to a swimmer:

Set your goals high and don’t stop ‘till you get there. Persistence can change failure into an extraordinary achievement... in simple terms, don’t give up- especially when it gets tough!

Other interests/hobbies:

Crossfit, gymnastics, synchro, rock climbing, human biomechanics, sports physiology, painting