Our goal is to provide high-quality coaching and competitions, to this we need your support. This club is run on a non-profit basis, the only paid staff are our coaches and administrators. The swim meets that we run are a vital component of the club, they provide a platform for our swimmers to excel and also raise vital funds that keep the club going. Running meets requires a dedicated team of volunteers but the result of their hard work is excitement, achievement and fun for everyone involved!

Anyone who volunteers for the club in any capacity and is not already a member of the club through other activities will be registered as a Swim England member (category 3) which the club will pay for. As a result you will then be considered as a club member when it comes to things such as for attendance and voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.


Volunteering Gives You:

  • A sense of purpose and meaning
  • Improved self-esteem
  • New life skills
  • New friends
  • A stronger bond with your swimmer
  • Fun!

If you are interested in swimming officials’ training for Timekeeper or Judge, please Click Here


This is the entry level for officiating - minimum 14 years (no maximum!)It is important to have accurate times for races. Training is one theory session followed by a really easy poolside assessment


Learn about starts, turns and finishes for all strokes alongside a friendly, qualified mentor at a pace that suits you. Judges report what they see, but the benefit of doubt always goes to the swimmer.​



Ensures competitors, volunteers and spectators have a high-quality experience at a Meet by providing accurate and essential information about the event in a friendly and enthusiastic way. Strong clear voice needed.

Catering coordinators

Coordinates who is buying/providing which food items for the officials/volunteers food breaks and sets the food out.

Computer operators

2 pairs of helpers needed for most licensed Meets. One pair for the electronic timing and another to process entries, withdrawals and results.



Receive spectators' monies, give them their wristbands and ensure photo registers are completed. Also sell raffle tickets.

Marshalls (also known as competitive stewards or whips)

Gets swimmers lined-up for the correct heats and correct lanes in advance of their race


Medals table

Ensures medals are available and given to the medal winners

Officials Coordinator

In advance of the Meet receives details of which officials can help at which session, allocates people to roles and ensures Meet runs smoothly.

Poolside Refreshments

Without this role officials, other poolside volunteers and coaches would not receive refreshments during an event, which keeps everyone focussed and happy!


Preparation for Meets with the administrator and is the face of the Club at the Meet who ensures compliance with ASA regulations.

Raffle coordinator

Sends out requests for raffle prizes and puts hampers (etc.) together for the raffle for a given Meet (to raise funds for the Club).

Refreshment sales

Help to raise invaluable funds for the Club by selling cakes and other food/drink items that have been donated for the Meet.


Does the jobs that the computer operators need help with (e.g. put up heat sheets and results for swimmers to see)

Swimmers' Sign-in/out

Present at the door to ensure all swimmers are registered to the races they are doing and withdraw from those they no longer want to do.

Team Manager

Adults who've completed the team manager's training (TM L1 or TM L2) who help organise swimmers at local Meets (TM L1) or overseas/overnight camps (TM L2). This role leaves the Coaches free to coach the swimmers.

Volunteers' Coordinator

In advance of the Meet, receives offers of help, chases extra helpers, allocates people to volunteer roles and helps ensure the smooth running of the Meet.