Our club meet results are posted here for publication. If the results you expected haven't arrived yet, please revisit this page as we strive to get results posted as quickly as possible.

NOTE: If your Club requires Hy-Tek Data Files containing results of any meet, please contact: meets@rrsc.co.uk

In line with Data Protection Regulations, we are unable to post Hy-Tek Results Files. We will only provide results to authorised club and not to individual members


Rushmoor Royals First Come First Served Sprint Dec 2019

Rushmoor Club Champs 2019

Rushmoor County Sprint Qualifier 2019

Rushmoor Royals Autumn County Chaser 2019

Rushmoor Royals 50m Challenge 2019 Boys

Rushmoor Royals 50m Challenge 2019 Girls

Rushmoor Royals End of Season Meet 6-7 Jul 2019

Rushmoor Royals National Qualifier Results 13 April 2019

Rushmoor Royals National Qualifier Results 30 & 31 March 2019

Rushmoor Royals Regional Qualifier Results 2nd & 3rd March 2019