What should we do if our child is upset when starting swimming lessons?

It is likely that new swimmers will take a few sessions to settle in and trust their teacher. We understand that children may be anxious, cry or even refuse to get into the pool and that is ok, all teachers are experienced on how to deal with these situations and will ensure that they make their session fun to help the settle the child.


Are your teachers trained and qualified?

All teachers, assistants and water helpers have completed Rushmoor Royals Learn to Swim training. This training ensure that all staff members are aware of rules and regulations, policies and procedures and safety aspects of all swimming lessons. Rushmoor Royals Learn to Swim training also allows teachers and assistants to recap the basics they have learned on the courses that they have had to qualify previously.

Our class Lead Teachers are either STA (Swimming Teachers Association) or ASA (Swim England) Level 2 qualified. Both in which have covered all areas of knowledge needed to be able to teach successful swimming lessons and meet each child’s individual needs throughout every swimming lesson.

Our Level 1 teachers are qualified through the ASA (Swim England) and have attended 5 days of practical work as well as course work and assessments to ensure they are confident to assist a Level 2 teacher in the water as well as all children.

Our water helpers have taken part in further Rushmoor Royals Learn to Swim training to ensure they have the confidence to support swimmers and the Level 2 teacher throughout each swimming lesson.

All teachers, assistants and water helpers are DBS enhanced checked for the safety of all our swimmers.


How do we sign up for lessons?

If you would like to enquire for our Learn to Swim lessons, please email: [email protected] and [email protected]  – We will be able to help you with all your questions and concerns. As well as this we can book your child in for a trial lesson. If you would like to book lessons please let us know, so we can send you the registration link


Is it possible to join part-way through a term?

Yes, you are able to join part way through the term, however due to most of our lessons being full we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate the right class for your child straight away.


How can we pay for the lessons?

Once we send you the link to register, lessons are paid at the same time up front prior to the first session for the whole term or pro rata if joining during the term


Do you award badges and certificates?

Yes, once the swimmer has completed the stage, we will award a free certificate and they will be ready to move onto the next stage. We also offer distance badges when a swimmer has swum a specific distance, however these costs £4.50 if you wish to purchase.


Does my child need to wear a hat and goggles?

We recommend that your child wears both a hat and goggles, however as it stands this is optional


Do I need to watch my child’s swimming lesson?

Parents are required to stay on site during the swimming lesson in case of emergency.

Due to COVID-19 parents are currently unable to watch lessons as the viewing area is too small to social distance. We ask you either wait in the car or in the corridor following social distancing measures.


How do we rebook for the following term?

Towards the end of term, we will send you an email advising you that registration is open for the next term and you will need to log into your TU account to re-book. We will advise prior to this of any change in stage for your child. We ask if you are not planning on re-joining to let us know, so we can fill the space.


Will my child be safe and at a low risk of catching COVID-19?

All staff members are wearing visors when in a radius of 2 metres or less with your child. We ask that on arrival your child comes ‘ready to go’. Under current guidelines we ask swimmers to dry themselves off quickly in the changing rooms and then put something quickly on, for example a onesie/robe. This is so we can reduce the length of time swimmers are in the changing rooms.