We encourage children to compete as we believe it is one of the key ways to make a swimmer faster and better.

     It’s really important that swimmers make an effort to enter competitions for several reasons:

  • It gives swimmers an idea of what it’s like to compete

  • It gives swimmers their times, and therefore is a clear marker of how they are progressing

  • It gives swimmers a goal towards which they can work

  • It gives swimmers a sense of achievement

  • It shows the coaches how the swimmers cope with a competitive environment

  • Gaining new improved times are one of the major factors in helping the coaches to decide whether a swimmer is ready to move up to the next level/lane.

The Club’s Age Group swimmers aged 9-14 years have had outstanding success at the ASA Sussex County Championships, finishing in the top three for the past ten years (1st in 2010, 2011 and 2012).

Several swimmers regularly attend the ASA National Championships each year.

For those new to competing, CLICK HERE to read our guide to COMPETITION GUIDE swimming for parents and swimmers 

“Every piece of advice I have got as a parent has been spot on and I am thankful we found such a joyous sports environment with such dedicated people.”