Parental Responsibility During Training Sessions

Ideally parents should stay with their children at all training sessions as coaches feel that all swimmers, regardless of age, do their best the more their parents are involved in the club and watching the training sessions.  Swimmers will of course also benefit from coaches who are able to concentrate on coaching.

However, we understand the time pressures of busy parents and the need to occasionally get help. Therefore the committee has agreed the following policy.

Parents of children aged 11 and under

All parents should remain with their child at all times, or nominate a guardian whom their child knows and feels comfortable with.

This guardian (known legally as in loco parentis) has full responsibility for the child, which in real terms means if they are unwell, physically or emotionally, they are able and prepared to look after them.

If the child is sick, the guardian is responsible for clearing it up.  If the child has issues with his/her kit, the guardian is responsible for helping him/her accordingly.  If there is a serious accident, the guardian is responsible for contacting the parent and in their absence, taking any decisions required/advised by a medical professional and if necessary, accompanying the child to hospital.

Please excuse the graphic explanation, but it helps communicate precisely what is required from parents and guardians, so they can accept the responsibility in an informed manner.

Given the extent of responsibility, we advise a limit of one additional child per guardian.

When a parent appoints a guardian for a training session, it is their responsibility to ensure the child is able to tell the coach who the guardian is and identify them in the viewing area.

If a child is found to be left without a parent or guardian, they will not be allowed to swim.

Parents of children aged 12 and over

Again, parents should either remain at sessions, or delegate responsibility to a guardian.

If the child is left without a parent or guardian, they MUST inform the register taker at the beginning of the session, before getting into the water.

The register taker will have an up-to-date parent contact list and parents can sign up to this.

Without providing these details first, parents cannot leave their child unattended.

Any changes of contact information in future should be advised, in writing to the child welfare officer.

In the event of an emergency, the register taker will contact the parent, who needs to be able to be present/respond quickly. Travel time must be considered fully by the parent.

In the event of a cancelled training session, no parent should drop their child/children at swimming without first checking the session is on.

Again, if a child is found to be left without a parent or guardian, with no contact details provided, they will not be allowed to swim.

Parents of children aged 12 and over may choose to agree a rota system between themselves that ensures one of them is there and has responsibility for contacting an absent parent if any issues arise.

Many thanks to all parents in advance for observing this policy at all times.