Learning to swim

For younger children looking to learn to swim, we run Swim England Learn to Swim lessons.

To find out more about these, and course availability, please contact Lisa Cheal, our Learn to Swim teacher, by email at shiverers.learn2swim@gmail.com 

Learn to Swim Programme criteria

Thank you for showing an interest in Shiverers Learn to Swim programme where your child will have the opportunity to progress from learning the technique for all four strokes:



Breaststroke and


To becoming a squad member and moving into competitive swimming should they wish to.

Minimum requirement:

Shiverers invites any child age 5 upwards and of at least Stage 3 (Swim England standards) to trial.

We request that that the child should be able to swim 10 meters unaided without putting their foot down and preferably be comfortable with putting their face in the water.


Currently the learn to swim programme up to Stage 5 is in the learner pool at King Alfred Leisure Centre with Lisa our swim teacher assisted by Naomi our teaching assistant.

Once a child has mastered the technique and is of the ability level ready to progress to stage 5, they move in the 25m pool at King Alfred (providing they are confident swimming in the bigger pool).

Stages 6 and 7 are the final stages of the learn to swim programme that are taught at Shiverers. Following this the children are invited to join the Transition squad the first rung of the Shiverers squad programme. Further details regarding squads can be found at

Contact us:

Please email Lisa at shiverers.learn2swim@gmail.com 

For information about our Stage 3-5 programme

Alternatively email shiverers.membership@gmail.com for any other swimmers.

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