Shiverers Learn to Swim

Trials for new swimmers testing guidelines

Swimmers must be able to swim the following. The expectation should be that technical elements should be included and that the swimmer is able to swim with good technique.


Swimmers must be able to swim the following:

1x Frontcrawl (25m)

1x Backstroke (25m)

1x Breaststroke (25m)

1x Fly (25m)

10 seconds rests between each 25m

Swimmers must understand and demonstrate streamlining off the walls. Words like “pencil” should not be encouraged; correct swimming terminology should be used when appropriate. Swimmers should understand the use of a pacer clock and should be tested using it. Fly kicks off the walls should be explained and encouraged.

Due to time restrictions and number of swimmers being tested certain expectations should be explained before entering the pool.

If there is a small number of swimmers and testing can be more in depth use this set below:

1x Frontcrawl (50m) w Tumble turns

1x Backstroke (50m) w tumble turns

1x Breaststroke (50m) w correct 2 handed touch

1x Fly (25m)


1x Push and glide all strokes (apart from Breast) MUST be Streamlined

1x Siting, Kneeling, Standing or track start (Only test if swimmer is competent)