The learner pool is perfect for swimmers who are not yet ready to swim 25 Metre lengths, but wish to develop and are ready to gain a better knowledge of stroke technique.

Our learner pool has wonderful facilities a private viewing section away from the public and all our swim teachers are keen competitive swimmers themselves and teach to Shiverers standard.

We pride ourselves on having a welcoming environment which enables children to develop their swimming skills in a fun and enjoyable way. 

To be eligible for Trial Swimmers wishing to join the learner pool MUST be aged 5 and upwards and able to swim

10 Metres on their back and have good water confidence.

10 Metres unaided without putting their feet down.

 We are unable to take non swimmers.​


All Children who take part in a trial and are accepted in are required to bring the correct equipment and a Shiverers Swim cap.

Children who wish to progress to the main pool will be tested not trailed and will be notified if they are able to move up or stay in the learner pool for another term, our priority is that Swimmers have good technique and a clear understanding of swimming skills moving up will not be rushed.

All sessions are 30 minutes long.