To be eligible for Trial in our big pool, Swimmers must be able to swim

1x 25m Frontcrawl, with good technique.

1x 25m Backstroke,

1x 25m Breaststroke.

Swimmers must be able to demonstrate streamlining off walls and understand why this is important.

All expectations will be explained to the children at the Trials.  Our Trials are not tests we want to give all children the opportunity to swim with us. 

The Main pool has 6 lanes and is split into 2 lanes for each progression level.  Level 3, Level 4, Level 5. 

Level 3 is for swimmers who have just left the learner pool or for swimmers who are not ready for Level 4 or 5.

Level 4 is for swimmers who have moved up from Level 3 and have a good understanding of what is expected in competitive swimming.

Level 5 is our top level and is for swimmers who are ready to develop their skills to become competitive swimmers.

Technique is our main priority across the pool however we will still make sure all swimmers have a good level of stamina by making them do timed sets every now and then, this also helps swimmers understand the importance of swimming times in a non pressured environment.

We want all swimmers in our academy to become competitive swimmers for Shiverers Swimming Club.

Swimmers in the Main pool will also have the option to compete at our Club Championships, should they have permission from their coach.

All sessions are 30 minutes long.