Timekeeper - For this you need to be qualified. If you are not qualified but would be interested in the future then please let Carmel know as we are hugely dependent on these people to run our in-house gala. This is also the first stepping stone to all other official roles.

Chief Timekeeper - Must be at least a J1 in training. This person will collect all the times at the end of each race from the timekeepers. They also provide backup in case a timekeepers is unable to time their swimmer, e.g. stopwatch malfunction!

Inspector of Turns - For our club champs you can do this job if you are a qualified timekeeper. As the title suggests you would be inspecting the turns, ensure they touch the end, etc.

Finish Judge - No qualification or training required. This job entails noting the places that each swimmer finishes for each heat. It's written on a piece of paper which is then passed to the referee after each race.

Judge of stroke - You must be qualified to at least J1 standard as this person ensures that the stroke is performed correctly.

Starter - you would need to be an official for this job who is a minimum J2.

For all the jobs above you would need to be wearing White so that you can be easily identified as an official.

Other important jobs that do not require any qualification:

Whipping - For this job you would be getting swimmers lined up and ready for races. It helps if you know the swimmers and it can mean doing a little running around to track some down.

Runner - Collecting the results after each race from the people on the computers and taking one to the medal desk and posting the other on the wall.

Medal Table - Giving out medals in accordance with the conditions. You would generally have and experienced person with you to help.

Door - Taking money on the door from those spectating.

Cakes - People will donate cakes, all you have to do is sell them (and raffle tickets) and make lots of money for the club.

Computer - Using the Hytek gala system software to register times and produce results. You would need experience for this job but we are always looking to train people up so please let us know if you're interested.