This will be the most challenging squad in terms of performance and achievement. This squad is for those swimmers who have reached physical maturity. Swimmers will need be completely focused on their swimming progress and expected to behave in a way that sets a standard to the rest of the club. Swimmers will be responsible for their time management including pre and post pool routines. Training will be highly specific to the physical development of those in the squad as training plans utilise a wider range of more suitable training zones.

Swimmers will be expected to –

  • Compete in appropriate League Competitions when selected, and Open Meets selected by the coaching team.
  • Be within 3% of Regional Qualifying Times.
  • Achieving National Times should be a target for the squad.
  • Attend a minimum of 7 out of 9 pool sessions a week.
  • Attend all available land training.

Any swimmer with a heavy academic workload due to GCSE’s or A Levels please speak to your coach who will discuss your training plan with you.

Movement between squads will be at the coach’s discretion. Being able to fulfil the criteria in the next squad will not guarantee movement. Movements will be made when the coaching team are confident that swimmers can complete the workloads in the next squad without issue.