If you want to get the most out of your training, here is some information you may find helpful.

We recommend you read success is long term by the ASA. This document was produced by the ASA Technical Swimming Committee, to help parents and club helpers understand the principles behind training and competition for young swimmers.

Introduction to nutrition

Did you know that the right nutrition can improve a swimmer’s performance by 20%? This document contains information gathered at a talk on Nutrition for Swimmers given by Bob Smith, a nutritionist working with British Swimming advising the top British swimmers. He also recommended a book called Survival of the Fittest from the Australian Institute of Sport; it can be purchased through the British Swimming website.

Nutritional advice for Swimmers and Parents

Hydration  - an article from "Swimming World" written by Ralph Teller

Pre and Post Training Guidance

These documents, from British Swimming and the English Institute of Sport are well worth a read.