W&DSC Masters Squads

The Masters Squad schedule for the 19/20 season can be viewed by clicking here

We have a thriving Masters section for swimmers aged 18 years plus.  They can choose which type of squad they wish to join depending on the number of sessions they wish to undertake per week. The 3 squads are:

Bronze – 1 session per week

Silver – 2 sessions week

Gold – 3 sessions per week

Master swimmers can decide which of the following days they wish to train on:

Monday    6 - 7am  Windrush Leisure Centre (WLC)

Friday       6 - 7am WLC

Saturday   5 - 6pm  WLC

As a Masters swimmer you can choose to swim for fun and fitness or as a competitive swimmer and take part in Club Championships, Club Time Trials and external competitions.

For further information on our Masters section, please contact our Membership Secretary.










Witney Water Polo - Have fun, keep fit!

If you enjoy swimming, team sports, and throwing a ball about, then why not come along and give water polo a try.  We welcome anyone aged 18 or over, men and women, beginners to experienced players to our weekly training sessions on Sunday evenings.

We train at 7.30pm every Sunday evening at the Windrush Leisure Centre. We also do 20-30 minutes ‘land training’ for overall fitness, so please feel free to come along at around 7pm if you’d like to join us for some extra exercise.

To find out more please visit witneywaterpolo.org.uk or just come down on Sunday evening.