How can I help?


Our swimming club depends on parents and senior swimmers volunteering to help run it, and the events we put on, and it takes some 90 regular volunteers (a large proportion of our membership) to make it all work well.

If you are a parent who isn’t currently involved in helping the club, please can you consider helping with the occasional roles below?

We are very grateful for the help of all the parents who agree to go on various rotas, assist poolside in various roles, staff the door at our events, our squad reps, for those that help to run the back office and more. It really is a team effort!



Red Shirts

This is the team that makes all our galas run smoothly – from organising the raffles and selling tickets on the door to helping the swimmers poolside.

There is no training or experience necessary for those who have not helped before. We need helpers to cover the door, sign in, hand out drinks to the officials and coaches, sit with the swimmers poolside and act as marshalls.

We would especially like parents to come forward to train as an announcer, so if you think this is something you would like to try, then please let us know.

Contact our Red Shirt Co-ordinator if you are interested in becoming a Red Shirt.



White shirts

This is the team of qualified officials who run the actual competitions poolside; this starts with timekeeping, and works up through judging to starting and finally refereeing. We provide all the training you need to become a qualified timekeeper, and then guide you towards the more experienced roles as you are ready and only if you are willing.

Contact Doug Howell our Officials Organiser at if you are interested in becoming a White Shirt.



Back Office

This is the team who create the heat sheets, operate the timing equipment and produce the results at galas. Back office is a busy and hot place to work, but it is always great fun and very rewarding.

Contact Jules Burvill or Hilary Dickenson, at if you are interested in joining the back office team.